Mission & Values

Mission Statement

  • To deliver a high quality, comprehensive professional service and take full responsibility for the realisation of customers’ investment plans
  • To ensure the services we offer are considered best in class whilst delivering clear value for money
  • To continue to ensure that safety is never compromised
  • To be mindful of the needs of the environment, society and our employees whilst generating an acceptable level of return to our company
  • To be considered by communities as responsible and responsive and where appropriate to be a positive contributor to local economies

Core Values

  • Integrity: we will behave ethically, honestly and operate safely and lawfully. We will honour our commitments and accept responsibility for our actions
  • Performance: we are dedicated to satisfying our customers’ needs and exceeding their expectations
  • Teamwork: we work to support each other’s efforts towards individual and shared goals
  • Respect: we treat individuals with respect and sensitivity and value their contributions
  • Communication: we encourage openness and dialogue and sustain a working environment within which people can share their opinions and views
  • Environment: we act responsibly towards our environment and ensure we have no undue environmental impact

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