Project: Murco – Milford Haven


UnitBirwelco completed a major Engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning project as part of the MEX2010, Milford Expansion Project for Murco Petroleum at their Milford Haven Refinery.

The overall project objective was to increment the existing refining crude processing capacity from a throughput of 100 kbbl a day to 130 kbbl a day.

Client’s challenge

The whole of the project scope, which involved engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning activities, had to lead to completion during a client pre-defined refinery turnaround and inspection in the first quarter of 2010, and as a result was constrained by scope and system availability, the overall time period and commencement date.

It became obvious during the detailed engineering exercise that the challenges would become more onerous due to the significant addition in scope relating to piping quantity increase, as a result of the complexities of carrying out retrofit type activities in an existing operational environment.

The role of UnitBirwelco and scope of work

The overall project concept and financial approval was given the go ahead in late 2009 and Birwelco were appointed to complete the engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning works for two new reformer fired heaters with radiant and convection sections, and the refurbishment and upgrade of the existing twin cell crude furnace.

Unit Engineers and Constructors were engaged at the same time to complete the construction activities within the crude system unit for both the pre-turnaround, turnaround and inspection phases. The turnaround and inspection phase activity was later extended to incorporate the whole of the refinery maintenance scope, utilising the specialist shutdown teams and bundle pulling capability of Unit Engineers & Constructors’ Humberside division.

The scope of work covered the off-site prefabrication and erection of 10,000 metres of Cr/Mo and C.S pipework and the installation of new and revamped equipment, including a new desalter, numerous shell, tube and air cooled heat exchangers and process pumps.

The site element of work incorporated approximately 50,000 pre-turnaround, and 100,000 turnaround and inspection direct man hours. The turnaround and inspection element was completed during an eight-week period during March and April of 2010, with a successful commissioning period.

The Murco – Milford Haven Project

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