Birwelco USA


  • Engineering
    By building a complete understanding of clients’ requirements, and by utilising in-house construction, safety and operational expertise, we are able to develop the optimal technical and commercial engineering solutions.

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  • Procurement
    Unit Birwelco provides strategic sourcing on a global basis and offers significant leverage with key long term suppliers to ensure precise specification and scheduling, high quality manufacturing and fabrication and consistent value for money.

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  • Construction
    Unit Birwelco provides extensive in-house mechanical construction expertise for greenfield projects, revamps and retrofits.

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  • Maintenance
    Unit Birwelco provides a highly experienced in-house maintenance resource for routine maintenance and turnarounds and specialist bundle pulling activities.

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  • Project Management
    Unit Birwelco’s professional project managers possess a detailed knowledge of a wide range of project activities and combine robust project management systems with an ability to adapt and innovate.

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  • Manufacturing
    Unit Birwelco manufactures specialist equipment for a wide range of industries at our UK based facilities.

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  • Fabrication
    Unit Birwelco has extensive fabrication facilities with a combined workshop production area of 200,000 square feet plus extensive lay-down areas and a deep water loading facility.

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