Birwelco USA Inc. - Direct Fired Heaters

Based in Houston, Texas, Birwelco USA Inc. provides specialist engineering, procurement and site installation management for clients with fired heater and furnace requirements across refining, petrochemical, chemical and syngas industries.

Operational Safety

Providing operational heater support through engineer / operator training, operational audits and heater retrofits, all focused on achieving safe operation of the heater.

Environmental Compliance

Conducting site wide emissions benchmarking studies, heater casing integrity evaluations and developing engineered solutions all resulting in heater modifications for the implementation of BACT burner or SCR system technologies.

Operational Reliability

Protection of annual production targets through:

  1. Equipment failure contingency plan development
  2. complete spare parts supply
  3. On-line stabilization / repair
  4. Off-line revamp / rebuild on an expedited basis

Providing complete solutions for your existing direct fired API 560 heater or technology furnace.

An API Member Company

For enquiries in North America contact us on:

Tel: +1 832 916 4130

E-mail: Walter Gull

“Our company philosophy is to always consider both the new supply and the servicing of existing heaters on a turnkey basis, recognizing that engineering, material supply and site installation must be in alignment for a successful project.”

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