Manufacture, Maintenance, Overhaul and Repair

 UnitBirwelco's dedicated Storage Tank maintenance, repair & refurbishment division provides a comprehensive range of services for fixed and floating roof storage tanks, from one-off repair and modification through to major refurbishments, full-term maintenance plus design and build.


Our experienced and qualified API/EEMUA staff can also offer advice and unique repair solutions in line with British, European and American code requirements. Some services we offer include-

  • Annular plate replacement
  • Refurbishment of tank foundations
  • Removal and replacement of tank floor, roof and shell plates
  • Hydraulic tank jacking
  • Pontoon and centre deck replacement
  • Tank cleaning
  • Spade to Spade
  • Design and build

We also offer comprehensive design, engineering services and fabrication for pipework and associated engineering with 1,600 sqm of workshop facilities and 8,500 sqm of storage and laydown areas.

Regardless of project size, or whether single or multi-discipline work scope, our focus on innovative design solutions, health and safety and zero-incident strategies, delivers tangible efficiencies, cost savings and mitigates both known and unforeseen risks.


At UnitBirwelco we are committed to the highest standards of quality control and strive to be at the very top of our industry. This commitment extends across all of our operations, from manufacturing and fabrication through to design and management systems.

By consistently achieving the very highest standards, we aim exceed our customers’ expectations and regulatory requirements to deliver a safe working environment and truly world class customer service.

Certification plays an important part in ensuring we achieve these standards consistently

 Across the group we are certified to the following standards: 

  • EC Certificate of Conformity to the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EC ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) certified manufacturer of pressure vessels, U Code Stamp
  • ASME certified manufacturer and assembler of power boilers, S Code Stamp
  • National Board "R" Certificate of Authorization  
  • National Board 'NB' Certificate of Authorization to Register
  • Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance ISO 9001 Management Systems
  • United Registrar of Systems (URS) ISO 9001 Management Systems
  • SGS ISO 9001 Management Systems
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management
  • OHSAS 18001


Alteratively, for direct Storage Tank Services support contact -

Dave McIntyre

Tel: +44 (0)1469 540 478

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